Friday, 6 June 2014


The mothers will be not happy for want people at the job will no job to and mothers not go back to the shop and people lose are job babys wiil die for want have been in are carrier will die for being in one have die. Fiar trading act ( baby carrier uixeo)
Misieading posssbly unsure if is safe. The shop was makeing not. Good carrier mothers buys a faulty / fake baby carrier the baby wuold full out for carrier .


Cheap but fancy phone for safe at a shop. Samll print to saman to read you have to have aspclai sart to card to get the phone for 94,00. Fair tading this reminds me. When my sisther got a scratch and win card from toy world in the a free toy pack. In the samll print
It said you have to spend $30 befor you can
Redealen misleading because sall print too samll to read


Consumers will lose trust and blusness will lose money and close down

Man parks evary day at a carark awned by a good realibany companys carparks the carparks are sold to a diffent banenss an he didn' t konw . He had the wrong app to pay and he kept getting times when he'd already piad
Consumers cuarentees act ( car parking vileo) fari trading aet as well (car parking vileo ) becaues he didn't know the rules had changed.ripped off he'd already paid but than got lots of parking tickets thay needed to adwertise the new company more thoroughly.

Effect the shop lose trust and lose biusess will lose money and close dwon. The end

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