Friday, 27 March 2015

August one bad days

                  Me and the one bad day.

                                   The one  day bad for me.

One night i went to sleep in my dangerous dream.Going to my pretty nana's house  and she looked at me and said great boy then she said he not great. Mum was not happy and we had  some food it was good we were walking to the car nana said his gread  mum was happy again we are in the car go home some firends come over to play with me and with my dog it was fun one for. Me friend said that snotty  boy is makes  me upset because for that boy his  mum was mad at him the next day that all was go on it was cool it was sat to then my friend went home mum asked 5 or 10 i said 10. Dad come into the room and said was go on i said i am upset dad are you oh ok mum said no i said no to mum said go to your room i went to my room i went to sleep that scary night it was that dangerous dream again got up 
the next day the end by jasmine. 

Do my job on Wednesday

We on the court Molly and Cody and me jasmine we had no probleam it was fun have no probleam 10 minutes to go and we had a probleam was to girls that were friends but one was thank that were not friend it talk to one of the girl she was not happy today we can not help them but can you miss o please

Prove It Writing

  One day I. Got up from my bed and it was a good sun was sunhine at me and dad,mum and travis came into my room said we are get pets I. Said want pets mum said pets cats went to the spca we are look at the cats to one was black and white and black mum and me went to someone that work at the spca mum work so cats for me and  travis and  dad and travis went home to get some things to take cats home in

                                      Take the cat home

  Travis and me was so happy that we had cats but we had to closed all of the door and we open the thing the cats were in the cats was sad and scared dad said you can not name's the cats yet to weeks later you can name the cats they a called mittens and mavis.

                                      Name for cats

Name for cats are mittens and mavis i love they name and like they name to but the cats love as to one is black and white and black travis love his and her name is mavis and i love my cat mittens i like to called the cats m and m's it is cute and to weeks it cat birthday it going to be a good birthday and how old the go to be

                                        How old are the cats

Cats are year old and the cats are to little but cute and we love them and came in to the iggo family we love them like sister.