Monday, 1 September 2014

Jasmine witring

Red riding hood .

(One day when red riding hood was five year old she went to the shops. her mum came and her dad got back to the car and died because a cat wanted the hoods family cookies and red riding hood got are red hood from her dad and she love it.)

(One day mum said go to nannas house. yes said red riding hood got to The woods a big cat was in red riding hood way. And said were are you go littie girl to ? My nanas house on the end for the woods. Red said ?The cat was big and black and had blue eyes. The Cat got to nanas house before Red Riding Hood. When the cat got the house and it said to red nanna.)

(nana i,m go to be you red nanan said (no no but a 60 year no no no no said)? Red Nanan red got to the house ?said it me red. Red nana said come in red no it was are cat red ?said help calld the fralygotmorther said i,m here cat got mad at red ?said get me cookie because i want cookle friygotmorhter said bo bom cat is are cookie redriding hood eat the cat was a cookie and got a new red hoods and red riding hood love them and love the cookie)

(but to year red find a cat is was a good cat and the love red one when to her nana house for the day cat .Came to nana do the this to be here no go home but cat did not red nanan died .because cat red went get it way to home red did not want to have the cat so red did and this cat do. Not like cookie red is so happy for that but 10 year time the cat called red was died .But red riding hood got a.

Cat called hood red riding hood love her new cat hood but thin red (riding hood was 20 year old find a house )and said going to live here went home got her thing went the .New house she love so must that red riding hood came to the next day (the cat was happy about it all be together for the day) (but red nana was not happy for being died)

But that cat died one said red ? 10 day a go the cat died but is was big cat from what all my cats that are good she get back at me for went did to her but want did i do to her but the big cat came from the woods big cat said you no want did to me but i not no i did to you i died because for you but you are a life yes the firly gotmorther she love me as a cat

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